The Hillbilly Tarot

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Mountains, Moonshine & Magic

The Hillbilly Tarot uses the symbols of Appalachian mountain culture to tell a story that is as old as humanity itself...

A Hillbilly "Picture Book"

In Appalachia, Tarot cards are generally referred to as "fortune tellin' cards" and are often considered to be “un-Christian.” Although Tarot cards have long been used as a means of divination, this isn’t their primary use… and they are not “un-Christian.”

They tell a story that is old as the hillls, the same story told in all religions throughout all time using a variety of symbols. It is the story of what it means to be a human being. Our struggles,, our victories and our heartaches... and what what we must do to perservere and be reborn.

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The 22 Trump Cards of The Hillbilly Tarot follow the traditional ordering of the Tarot Trumps and tell the story of a hillbilly child from his (or her) physical birth through a life of struggles ultimately leading to rebirth as a spiritual being.

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The Hero's Journey

The sequence of Tarot Trumps (also called the "Major Arcana" meaning “main secrets”) is actually a “picture book” which tells a story known as the “Hero’s Quest Cycle.” Joseph Campbell has said that every story is really just a sub-story the "Hero’s Quest Cycle" which tells the story of what it means to be human. The people who play roles in the story may come and go, live and die, but the story itself is universal and timeless.

Wheel of the Year

The Trump cards in the Hillbilly Tarot relate to the planets and zodiac of the ancient philosophers. The symbols of these associations are shown at the bottom of each card.

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Tools of the Trade

The four suits of the Hillbilly Tarot are associated with four types of energy that human beings have at their disposal:

  • Hubcaps - Body & Physical World
  • Knives - Mental/Intellectual Power
  • Jugs - Emotions & Natural World
  • Shotguns - Will/Sexual Energy