Hillbilly Tarot

The Hillbilly Tarot uses the symbols of Appalachian mountain culture to tell a story that is as old as humanity itself.

About Hillbilly Tarot

In Appalachia, Tarot cards are generally referred to as "fortune tellin' cards" and are often considered to be “un-Christian.” Although Tarot cards have long been used as a means of divination, this isn’t their primary use… and they are not “un-Christian.”

 The Hillbilly Tarot Trump cards are a "picture book" that follows the traditional ordering of Tarot Trumps. What is different about this deck is that the meaning of the traditional ordering is revealed through the story of a hillbilly child from his (or her) physical birth through a life of struggles ultimately leading to rebirth as a spiritual being. Understood properly, this is a universal story about what it means to be human.

This story that links the cards together as a whole is the most innovative feature of the Hillbilly Tarot. It provides a complete framework for understanding Tarot in general and the Hillbilly Tarot specifically. Most people learn about Tarot by studying the meanings of individual cards but have trouble relating them to each other or in applying them to a specific situation. The booklet that accompanies the Hillbilly Tarot fully describes a universal framework that is short, simple and easy to comprehend and remember.

The Hillbilly Tarot is funny and entertaining. It is a great first deck to learn about Tarot, but it also contains a depth and insight that seasoned readers will appreciate. They can even be used as regular playing cards by removing the Trumps. 

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