The Hillbilly Tarot
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The timeless story of Tarot...
Told by Hillbillies.

Mountains, Moonshine & Magic

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A Hillbilly Grimoire

The Hillbilly Tarot is a "picture book" that tells a story as old as humanity itself - the story of what it means to be a human being.

The Hillbilly Tarot is a traditional Tarot deck with 22 Major Arcana (big secret) cards and 52 Minor Arcana (little secret) cards. It uses the symbols of Appalachian mountain culture to reveal the Tarot secrets - the hidden patterns (archetypes) behind what we perceive, think and do.

There is a story being told by the Major Arcana of every Tarot deck. It is the story of our common journey from physical birth to spiritual rebirth and each card is a signpost along the way. At first glance, the cards in various decks appear very different. These differences sometimes make it hard to "see the forest for the trees". What is difficult to see is how the culture we grow up in colors our perception of the world and hides what is truly important.

We have different experiences based upon the culture we grow up in, but there is a common pattern behind these experiences that is only perceived by those with "eyes to see". The Hillbilly Tarot reveals this pattern by getting rid of the complexity and pretensions of The Book of Tarot. It provides a wisdom teaching that anyone can master by reaching back to the root meanings of the cards.

The Hillbilly Tarot uses simple, down-to-earth symbols that anyone can understand. The booklet that accompanies the deck fully describes a universal framework that can be applied to any Tarot deck and is easy to comprehend and remember.

If you are new to Tarot, you will appreciate the simplicity and straight forward approach of the Hillbilly Tarot. If you are an experienced Tarot enthusiast, you will love the elegance, depth of insight, and consistency of the deck with other traditional decks. The Hillbilly Tarot is fun and entertaining for readers of all skill levels and can even be used as playing cards by simply removing the Major Arcana cards.

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The Hero's Journey
Minor Arcana Roadmap
The Wheel of the Year

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